In 1971

Sea salt pipe fittings factory (state-owned);

In 1982

The company adopts advanced cold extrusion process to process all kinds of mechanical parts.

In 1999

The establishment of haiyan 3d cold extrusion molding co., LTD., and appointed liu shengliang as the general manager;

In 2002

Passed ISO9001 quality management system certification;

In 2003

In October, I was awarded as jiaxing private technology enterprise;

In 2005

Diesel engine, auto parts, engineering machinery, motor industry, etc.

Awarded "zhejiang standard test center";

Sea salt pipe fittings factory (state-owned);

In 2007

In August, it was awarded as the enterprise technology center of jiaxing city.

In September, it was awarded as zhejiang science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise

In October, I was awarded as the high-tech enterprise of jiaxing city;

In 2008

The "technological innovation industry enterprise" of haiyan county;

In October, it was awarded as the AAA grade credit unit of zhejiang province.

In September, it was awarded as the pioneer park of haiyan county college students.

In September, through ISO/TS16949 quality management system certification;

In December, it was named as "100 best" of the most adult medium enterprises in zhejiang province.

In 2009

In January, I was named "advanced unit" for the safe production of urban enterprises in 2008.

In February, it was named as 2008 technical innovation industrial enterprise.

In February, the company was named haiyan county as an advanced enterprise.

In April, the company was named as "the Chinese company" of haiyan county labor relations.

Start to implement 6S management mode, greatly improve the staff's work efficiency;

The industrial production of flanged plunger set for cold extrusion is included in the national spark plan, which was successfully accepted in 2010.

In October, it was awarded: provincial technical center of provincial and small enterprises in zhejiang province;

In 2010

In September, it was awarded the national high-tech enterprise;

The end of the year, changed its name to zhejiang three-dimensional chase cold extrusion co., LTD., focusing on green cold forging technology, keep up with the development of the national "low-carbon economy", create a market model of products, to build China's green cold forging industry base, guide cold forging industry development.

In 2011

In February, I was awarded the "ankang cup" competition in haiyan county.

In June, it was named as the "demonstration point" of the learning party organization of haiyan county.

June, 2009 ~ 2010 "advanced grassroots party organization";

In August, I was awarded the AAA credit rating of the industrial and commercial enterprise of zhejiang province.

In November, it was named as the leading innovation team of haiyan county party members;

December, 2009 ~ 2011 jiaxing talent work "advanced unit";

In 2012

In January, we were named as the urban enterprise of 2011. "Advanced unit" for safe production;

In January, 2011 urban enterprise science and technology innovation "advanced unit";

In February, it was awarded the 2011 annual output value of 100 million yuan industrial backbone enterprises.

In march, I was awarded the "advanced unit" of jiaxing labor relations harmonious enterprise;

In April, the haiyan "workers vanguard";

In June, it was awarded as the first priority party organization.

In June, it was awarded as the "demonstration enterprise" of jiaxing in 2011.

In September, I was awarded the "provincial high-tech enterprise research center" of automobile parts cold extrusion molding technology.

In October, I was named as the seventh "seventh person" of the overall team of the first full name of the town.

In November, I was awarded as the "demonstration enterprise" of science and technology innovation in jiaxing city.

In November, it was named as the "star of growth" of small and medium-sized enterprises in jiaxing city in 2012.

In 2013

In February, it was named as 2012 "energy saving advanced industrial enterprise";

In February, the company was named "honest law-abiding enterprise" in 2012.

In march, I was awarded the "advanced unit" of haiyan county talents.

In 2015

The new factory in zhejiang province has been completed and relaunched


  • Enterprise vision

    To promote the formation of green cold forging industry group

  • Corporate mission

    We provide high - tech green cold forging products and first-class service to establish our superior image of quality and commitment

  • Core location

    Concentrate on green and cold forging

  • Enterprise idea

    Trinitarian dimension you are heavy

  • Management policy

    Provide high quality cold forging for domestic and foreign parts enterprises and vehicle enterprises

  • Work culture

    Encourage team spirit To maximize customer satisfaction Continuous improvement The change in the external environment is predictable Maintain a high sense of urgency




Company Brochure

Build China cold extrusion first brand Sino-japanese cooperation in Zhejiang 3 d Datong cold extrusion Co., Ltd. Precision forging technology Co., Ltd (former haiyan three-dimensional cold extrusion molding Co., Ltd.) is China's collection of cold extrusion and cold forging, cold warm precision forging technology in the integration of the most professional, quality first-class national high and new technology enterprise.




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